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Event venue: Chelwood Equestrian, Nutley, East Sussex, TN22 3HH
Date: 23rd - 24th September 2022 - 9am to 5pm

Price: £140.00

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Equine Groundwork: Strong Foundations

Event description

Do you know how to create a strong, healthy horse from the ground? Would you like to have a variety of tools at your disposal when teaching your clients?

This practical day bring together 4 renowned equine-groundwork specialists to pass on their skills across a jam-packed day at Chelwood Equestrian. Each delegate will have hands-on time with each instructor to hone their newly found ground-work skills, from teaching high dressage from the ground, through to conditioning core work.


  • Tracey Duncan
  • Liz Eaton
  • Miri Hackett
  • Fiona Bloom
  • Natasha Olivant


  • Natalie Mendolssohn
  • Sarah Brabrook

Delegate will be able to:

  • Understand the basis of all groundwork, positioning, techniques, equipment and application
  • Learn how to condition the horse from the ground
  • Learn specific movements, techniques to target specific injuries


  • Bodyworkers
  • Therapists
  • Practitioners
  • Trainers


Tracey Duncan

Tracey’s vision for the horse, is for them to be seen and heard in a way that honours them, and over the past 20 yrs has developed a way of being with them, to help build connection, softness and willing friend for us humans. This can largely focus on the human and how they show up, as well as how to be with the horse, build trust, read and work on thresholds with the goal of true softness. Traceys work ranges from many pain related behavioural cases, helping the horse get past pain memory, unwanted habits, competition riders and amateurs all seeking harmony with their horses.

Liz Eaton BHSI Accredited Performance Coach

Liz has over 35 years experience training riders from grass roots to international competition, in all three disciplines. She has an innovative approach based on biomechanics and psychology of both horse and rider, which enables her to create positive and lasting changes to their partnership and performance.

Miri Hackett

Hackett Equine owned and run by Miriam Hackett, is a training facility established in 2016. Hackett Equine’s main purpose is to support horses and riders to attain their maximum potential in their own personal training process.

Alongside gaining her UKCC Level 3 Miri has a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked within the equestrian industry for 14 years, thus enabling her to coach, mentor and train horses and riders no matter what their chosen direction or discipline may be.

Originally from a show jumping background, Miri has developed a step-by-step approach to training horses. She believes that every horse has a different rate of learning, and therefore there is a need to understand each horse’s individual path – ”you can’t train every horse from the same textbook’.

Fiona Bloom MSc BSc (Hons) MCSP MHCPC ACPAT Cat A

Fiona qualified as a chartered human physiotherapist in 2007 and spent 2 years working in acute care in the NHS before completing her MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy at the Royal Veterinary College, University of London in 2011. 

She continued to work in both human and Veterinary physiotherapy, running her own physiotherapy business based in West Sussex and, travelling internationally for competition horses.

Fiona is currently studying her PhD in Lameness in Endurance Horses at Hartpury University, hoping to demonstrate that improving welfare ultimately optimises performance.

Natasha Olivant

Natasha Olivant strives to balance traditional classical horsemanship with modern advanced understanding of the biomechanics of both human and equine bodies and their relationship to each other. Natasha's career spans over 20 years of professional coaching and a wealth of understanding and experience in Classical Horsemanship and Equestrian Arts. It is compassion for horses that underpins her ethos and approach in all things instructional.

Whether a client is starting from scratch or keen to develop existing riding skills, Natasha offers a bespoke experience to ensure individuals flourish under her expert guidance.

“Creating harmonious, skillful horse riders, who understand and show empathy to their horses, is key to my teaching”, says Natasha. “We have created a unique tiered system approach to our riding lessons, to support our students through their equine journey. As a result we develop harmonious and enlightened riders, and happy horses make happy humans.”

Natalie Mendolssohn

Natalie is a dressage and groundwork coach whose ethos is to ensure long term strength and soundness in both horse and rider. She firmly believes that groundwork is key both mentally and physically for all horses. Natalie teaches riders not just how to work a horse from the ground but also ensures they know why they are doing it.

Natalie uses lunging and long reining to help the horse move more freely in the body, become more sensitive to the aids and teach them to find self-carriage, all without the use of artificial aids such as side reins or Pessoa systems, with the goal of maintaining the ease and lightness whilst carrying a rider.

Sarah Brabrook

The ethos of SJB Equanimity is to present and promote training methods to help support you and your horse’s suppleness, maintain their health and promote their general well being. Our techniques are suited to all levels of rider and owner regardless of experience and horses of any age or breed.