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Event venue: Online webinar
Date: Tuesday 6th September 2022 - 7pm
(Available on-demand if you cannot watch live)

Price: £25.00

The equine neck: anatomy and pathology

Event description

The equine neck is an integral, but often misunderstood part of the equine anatomy. During this webinar we will review the bone and soft tissue anatomy of the equine neck and cervical spine.

We have two highly qualified orthopaedic surgeons, Andrew Crawford at Sussex Equine Hospital and Sarah Boys Smith at Rossdales, who will take a deep dive into the anatomy – appropriate for newly qualified practitioners and those wishing to brush up on their anatomy. Our physio, Yasmin Stuart will also be looking at neck conformation and development, what to look out for, sub-optimal musculature, poor movement and, what this may relate to.

We will progress on to common pathologies and diagnosis what to look for and how they manifest and, the role of imaging equipment. We will also focus on Equine Vertebral Cervical Malfunction particularly.

Lastly we will look at treatment and rehab options for neck pathology, injuries or poor development.

If you need to be able to understand how neck pathology affects horses globally, this webinar will help you to not only develop your assessment skills but, to really understand the veterinary care and procedures these horses undergo.

We will also fill you with ideas for rehab and postural exercises to assist in the rehab of these cases.


  • Sarah Boys Smith
    MA VetMB, CertES (orth), DipACVSMR, DipECVS, MRCVS
  • Andrew Crawford
    Cert ES (Orth), Dip ECVS, MRCVS Director Sussex Equine Hospital
  • Yasmin Stuart
    Equine movement and rehabilitation specialist


Sarah Boys Smith MA VetMB, CertES (orth), DipACVSMR, DipECVS, MRCVS

Sarah qualified from Cambridge University in 2001 and then undertook a year of further clinical training at the Animal Health Trust. This was primarily in equine orthopaedics but also involved training in equine respiratory medicine and cardiology. Following this, she spent three years in a surgical training programme at the University of Liverpool in equine orthopaedics and surgery (orthopaedics and soft tissue) gaining the RCVS Certificate in Equine Surgery (Orthopaedics) in 2005, the ECVS Diploma in Large Animal Surgery in 2006 and she became an RCVS Recognised Specialist in Equine Surgery in 2008.

Sarah held a brief academic post at the University of Liverpool following her residency before joining Rossdales Equine Hospital and Diagnostic Centre in Newmarket in 2006 where she is one of the senior orthopaedic clinicians. She deals with secondary and tertiary referral cases, principally concentrating on the lame, poorly performing and sports horse. She sees a wide range of cases, from the child's pony to the high level competition horse.

Andrew Crawford Cert ES (Orth), Dip ECVS, MRCVS Director Sussex Equine Hospital

Andrew is a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons and an RCVS Registered Specialist in Equine Surgery, working predominantly in orthopaedics as an equine surgeon in West Sussex. Andrew graduated from the RVC in 2002 and, after completing an equine internship and working in racing in South Africa, he spent five years as an ambulatory Veterinary Stream in Sussex. Andrew returned to the RVC in 2008 to complete a three-year surgical residency and gained the RCVS Certificate in Equine Orthopaedic Surgery.

Andrew returned to Sussex in 2011 and became a director of the Sussex Equine Hospital in 2015. He has published in peer-reviewed journals on topics including orthopaedic surgery and regenerative therapy for musculoskeletal injuries, has co-authored a chapter on equine orthopaedics, and has presented at conferences both internationally and within the UK. 

Yasmin Stuart Equine movement and rehabilitation specialist

Yasmin is an equine physiotherapist who specialises in movement therapy and rehabilitation. Her keen interest within this area is the use of prescriptive exercise to help improve posture and performance, while considering the horse's behavioural indicators within the working environment. She is passionate about the holistic approach to equine management – that it takes teamwork to help to promote and maintain equine wellbeing and performance.

Yasmin has worked alongside organisations such as Equitopia Center, where she taught on training clinics internationally, and is now Equine Physiotherapy Programme Manager for The Open College of Equine Studies. She also has a private practice which has a strong rehabilitation focus, to help owners to support their horse's wellbeing through research-led training practices, which teach owners to understand their horse's behaviour, while using an ethics-based training approach to help their horse to adopt more appropriate movement patterns.