Announcing Prof. Stephanie Dakin to speak at Equine Arthritis: Diagnosis and New Technology

We are lucky to have some quality academic presentations at our upoming Equine Arthritis event in March. This includes an entire session on stem cells and their role in arthritis. Prof. Stephanie Dakin is presenting after lunch on day 2 on 'Inflammation and resolution in soft tissue joint disease'. Prof. Dakin has published numerous studies in this field and is thought of as one of the key-players in arthritis research. She began her career as an Veterinary Surgeon, completing her PhD in inflammation in  equine tendinopathy in 2012.

Stephanie moved to NDORMS in 2013 to advance and translate her research from horses to humans. She successfully secured consecutive research Fellowships funded by Versus Arthritis (Foundation Fellowship), an Oxford-UCB Prize Fellowship in Biomedical Sciences and more recently a Versus Arthritis Career Development Fellowship. Stephanie's research focuses on identifying the mechanisms underpinning the development of chronic inflammatory fibrosis in soft tissue joint disease. The over-arching goal of her research is to discover novel therapeutic strategies to promote resolution of inflammation and fibrosis in chronically inflamed soft tissues, with a particular focus on tendinopathy and frozen shoulder.

Some of Prof. Dakin's published work here:

Inflammation activation and resolution in human tendon disease.

Pathogenic stromal cells as therapeutic targets in joint inflammation.